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Glass Replacements, Leak Detection / Rectification, Emergency Make Safe, Glazing Failure Investigation Works, Seal Repairs, Atrium Works & more.

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Abseil Services

Making your project less disruptive and more cost effective

As buildings grow ever taller – especially in city centres – scaffolding and mechanical access can become an expensive and frankly unrealistic way to repair and maintain glazed commercial buildings.

At High Level Glazing, we utilise our abseil services to make your project less disruptive and more cost effective. Opting for abseil services also means that our commercial rope access technicians can work on your building, no matter how tall, how difficult to access, or how large the project.

Our experts will efficiently and effectively complete a range of projects, including emergency make safe, glazing failure investigation, glass replacement, and inspections. Whatever your requirement, we have the solution.

Mechanical Access

Combining services to give you the best outcome

There are occasions where abseil services aren’t always the right – or the singular – solution for your project. For example, if you have a lower level repair we may utilise mechanical access, or if a project is particularly complex, we may employ a combination of abseil services, mechanical access, and scaffolding to complete the job effectively. 

As one of the UK’s leading commercial high level glazing services, we are equipped to take on large scale projects involving hundreds of glass/cladding panels, and we’re equally happy to repair a single panel, too.

You can rest assured knowing that our completed works all come with long term insurance backed guarantees of 10-20 years long.

Emergency make safe

Sometimes a job is urgent - we’re here to keep you safe

If a breakage occurs, safety is your priority. It’s vital that the damage is dealt with quickly to avoid further accident or injury.

Our rope access teams can quickly and efficiently make safe a glass unit in an emergency situation. Our specialist skills and equipment mean that even a glass unit at height or in a difficult to access area can be made safe easily.

We make temporary repairs while replacement glass is manufactured, making the building safe and secure. We’ll also remove broken glass and any damaged framework, and leave you with a fully bound technical audit and report full details of the required replacement works. This report enables you to put the work out to full competitive tender.

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