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How Much Does Glass Balustrade Cost in the UK? [2024 Prices]

Glass Ballustrading

You’ve got a dream to upgrade those rickety old bannisters to sleek glass ones that’ll deliver that luxe look you want in your home. But before calling up a glazier, you can’t help but wonder, how much does a glass balustrade cost in the UK? With recent inflation affecting the UK economy, you want to […]

What Is an Awning? (2024 Guide to Outdoor Shade Solutions)

What Is an Awning

Have you ever looked up at your home and thought those windows could use a little something extra? Maybe it’s time to consider an awning or canopy to add shade, style, and luxury. With so many options, from stationary awnings to retractable canopies, you’re probably wondering where to start. That’s where this guide comes in. […]

What Is Glazing? [2024 Guide on Composition & More]

What is Glazing Blog Feature Image

You know that amazing floor-to-ceiling window in luxury apartments? The one that makes your place feel bright and airy while showing off those killer skyline views? That’s all thanks to glazing. But what is glazing, really? And how does it give your home that ultra-high-end look and feel? Glazing is way more than just glass […]